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Weddings + Elopements

If you could plan your dream wedding, what would it feel like? Who would be there? Would it be your nearest and dearest in the desert, out on the Salt Flats, or in your childhood backyard? Is it up in the mountains, with a giant dance party to finish the night? If you’re not having fun at your wedding, what is the point?

You are the main character, and this is your day!! Hopefully I’m not the first person to tell you this, but your wedding can and should feel exactly the way you’ve always wanted; one day, where you and your person get to share a piece of your story with the people who matter most to you. Here’s your new mantra: all the rules are made up. I give you permission to ditch the traditions that just don’t fit and create the best day ever!

When all is said and done and the cake is eaten and the flowers have wilted, you’re left with your love and images you’ll cherish for a lifetime. I’ll be here every step of the way!

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Say hi!

After your initial email, we’ll set up a time to call and chat about you two, your day, and go over any questions you may have. I want to get to the heart of what you’re envisioning and make sure that I’m the right fit for all your needs. If we’re vibing, I’ll send over the proposal and make this official!

2. We’ll plan your engagements.

Each of my wedding collections includes an engagement session so we can break the ice, become besties and, of course, take some rad pictures. Need formals or want to blow your love’s mind with a boudoir session? Let’s set it up! This is the planning phase and my client guides and personal attention will make it a piece o’ cake. 

3. It’s the big day!

I’ll be thoroughly prepped and ready to party with you all day long. Just sit back and soak it all in! I snap away, while you have the time of your life. I’ve got you covered!

4. You’ll get your photos.

You’ll get your gallery back (along with a few goodies) to keep the wedding high going. I know I’ll see you again soon and follow the next steps of your life!




Life is a special occasion, so let’s take the dang photos! Getting your picture taken can be so overwhelming (I definitely prefer being on the backend of the camera) but that is why you’ve come to me. By the time we meet, I’ll know your vision, your relationship, and most importantly, which side of your face you like photographed best. Whatever boxes you’ve put “portraits” into, throw them out; there are no rules here and we can make whatever we like. 


Next steps...

1. Send me an email with all the info!

Send me an email with all the info! What’s the occasion? Maternity? Engagements? Anniversary? Just because? Paint me a picture of your vision so I can be sure I’m the right fit for you! If we’re vibing, I’ll send over a proposal and we’ll set a date!

2. This is the planning phase.

What do you want these photos to feel like? Where should we go? Mood boards will be made, outfits will be picked, and I’ll be there for the whole experience!

3. Shoot day!

Let the feelings flow and I’ll capture them all. 



As a fellow parent, I recognize that deep ache to bottle up your babies at each phase of life. The days are long but the years are so short, so let’s slow down time for just a little bit. My family sessions are rooted in intentionality and a yearning to represent this season of life as it really is – chaotic, playful, soulful. This isn’t about smiling awkwardly at the camera or trying to recreate a Pinterest moodboard (though we will use them). This is about letting the littles take the lead to capture the spirit of this phase and make memories you can’t wait to share with your children’s children one day. This is your sign to take the dang pictures because living is the special occasion.


Let’s do this!

1. Fill out my contact form

And tell me all about your little family! After your initial email, we’ll set up a time to talk. I know this is a big deal and I want to make sure that I’m the best fit for all your needs. If we’re a great fit and we’re vibin’, I’ll send you over a proposal and we’ll set a date!

2. We’ll make a plan.

What do you want these photos to feel like? Do you want them in-home while making breakfast with the kids? Do you want them out in an open field, cottage core vibes? A studio session? Share your vision with me and we’ll plan something incredible together. Moodboards will be made, outfits will be picked, and I’ll be there for the whole experience!

3. It’s your shoot day!

Time to slow down. I plan for long shoot times so that we don’t miss a single moment. We want this time to be unrushed, unstressed, and let it manifest the way that it’s meant to be. There may be tears and tantrums, but when are there not? These are all part of the moments that make our lives so let’s capture them as they are.