I’m Maddy

Living out
the dream of 14-year-old me,

who rolled black and white film in a high school classroom. I found a love for digital photography and an even deeper passion for unique connection. If I’m not traveling the world, collaborating with the raddest people, I’m at home, creating in the kitchen and the walls of my own home with my two little loves.


We do things a little bit diferent around here...

...because I know how I would want my moments treated! Maybe your only experience with a photographer up to this point has been out of necessity – you just needed someone to click a button. Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m happy to help you find the right fit, but I’m not your girl! I don’t just work for my clients, I work with them so that together, we can create something you can’t wait to revisit, again and again. These are the I-can’t-wait-to-tell-our-grandkids-about-this days, so let’s make memories that will last!


“Where do I begin with Maddy?!


She’s the absolutely BEST photographer and overall human-being we know. She has always made us feel so loved even from behind the lens and it shows in the photos.”

"Maddy is simply INCREDIBLE!


I love how she makes you feel like she’s known you forever, because she’s taken the time to ask questions about who we are. She made everything easy, fun, and enjoyable. If you are on the fence about booking her, let this be your sign to do it!!”

"I'm telling you, don't pass on hiring Maddy.


If you need to make budget cuts elsewhere, you can rest assured your photo quality will not be compromised! This girl can bring it. Hiring Maddy is the best decision you can make for your wedding."